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My personal mission is to help others gain a deep awareness of the wisdom keeper that is seated in the center of their heart. Through my flower essence consultations and counseling sessions I help my clients rediscover their creative spark, feel embodied, empowered and to remember that their authentic expression is an integral part of their healing and well-being. I help facilitate your process of trusting your deepest truth so that you can engage in your life in a rich and playful way!

Reclaim Power 

  • Release and overcome fear of the unknown

  • Develop your self worth, value and self-esteem

  • Transform your relationship with your inner critic

Access Love

  • Open yourself to fulfilling partnership

  • Embody your Divine potential

  • Develop your heart centered awareness

Express Freely

  • Access your creative spark

  • Discover your creative flow

  • Have more joy in your life


I’ve been receiving flower essences for over a year now. I transitioned to working with Emily 2 months ago. The flower essences she chose for me have helped me on a level that no human has been able to help with thus far. I feel less bogged down emotionally and energetically after taking Emily’s essences, and my capacity to focus on day to day tasks has improved. - M.Mortlock, Orinda